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Openbuilds C-Beam Linear Actuator Kit with Nema23 Stepper Motor

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Openbuilds C-Beam Linear Actuator Kit with Nema23 Stepper Motor

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Stock Code: C026. Openbuilds C-Beam Linear Actuator Kit


Openbuilds C-Beam Linear Actuator Kit with Nema23 Stepper Motor

Please note, price is for 250mm.

This C-Beam Linear Actuator will provide you with access to utilize the power of beams in your Builds!  

C-Beam is a profile based on the popular V-Slot Linear Guide System. It incorporates a C shaped profile which gives added strength and functionality.

C-Beam is a product of the V-Slot line, all standard V-Slot parts and accessories are compatible! Of course, like V-Slot, every side of C-Beam can be used a linear guide.
C-Beam is available in multiple lengths and comes pre-tapped with 4 holes ready to accept C-Beam End Mounts. This allows you to quickly create C-Beam linear actuators.
You can add multiple plates for added precision and strength.
You can use any of the V-Slot gantry plates with C-Beam.
You can even 3D Print your own parts to produce customized creations.
C-Beam is extremely modular which allows for practically unlimited mounting possibilities and build configurations. 
Compatible with both the Standard NEMA 23 Stepper Motor (included as an option here) or 
the NEMA 23 Stepper Motor - High Torque Series (sold separately)
 Bundle Includes:
 (4) Low Profile Screws M5 - 25mm
(2) Aluminum Spacers - 6mm
(2) Aluminum Spacers - 40mm
(1) 1/4" x 8mm Flexible Coupling
(2) Aluminum Spacers - 3mm
(10) Low Profile Screws M5 - 20mm
(2) Low Profile Screws M5 - 55mm
(2) Eccentric Spacer - 6mm
(2) Ball Bearing 688Z 8x16x5
(2) 8mm Shim
(2) Lock Collar - 8mm
(4) Xtreme Mini V Wheel Kit
(2) C-Beam End Mount
(1) C-Beam Gantry Plate
(1) Anti-Backlash Nut Block
C-Beam Linear Rail (Varies by Option)
8mm Metric Acme Lead Screw (Varies by Option)
 Travel Lengths:
 We like to leave a little room from the ends (about 10mm)
With the width of the gantry plate the travel will be approx
100mm less of the actuator length.

Travel for the 250mm version is 150mm
Travel for the 500mm version is 400mm
Travel for the 1000mm version is 900mm

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Additional Information