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Olearn PEI Sheet 0.2mm 3D Printer Build Surface

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Olearn PEI Sheet 0.2mm 3D Printer Build Surface

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OLEARN PEI sheet. SKU: P133


Olearn PEI Sheet 0.2mm 3D Printer Build Surface

If your guys have been used Anycubic Ultrabase which is a sheet of glass with a weird and mostly worthless coating on it. Well it work and it then it doesn't, so I think you need something different.

Olearn PEI material is great -- PLA sticks extremely well on CR-10s and other printers. The problem is attaching the adhesive to the PEI sheet is super challenging.  You are required to attach the adhesive to the PEI sheet and then attach the whole thing to your build plate. This is VERY difficult to do. Even though the gizmo dorks after you read install description on their website and watched youtube videos of people installing PEI sheets. It still may result in a huge bubble despite me using good technique and being very careful. 

Why can't we attach the adhesive to the sheet before sending this out? It would be MUCH easier if the PEI sheet came with the adhesive attached. Once the adhesive is on the PEI sheet, attaching it to your build plate is easy because the PEI sheet is pretty rigid. The PEI sheet from OLEARN all are adhesived 3M paste before sending out!

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Additional Information

300 x 300 x 0.2mm
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